Taking trash to a whole new level – creating a circular economy

TED@UPS Speaker: Peter Harris

Dealing with the waste of a consumer society is one of the greatest challenges of our modern times.

But Peter Harris wonders: what if waste weren’t waste at all? Could the rubbish we produce fuel the machines that transport our critical goods? And—how can we make this happen?

As the director of sustainability for UPS’s businesses in Europe, Harris ensures that UPS innovates in a way that allows the risks associated with societal challenges, like climate change, to turn into opportunities.

A UPS veteran of 26 years, he has served as the UK automotive director, UK industrial engineering director, and as a senior manager in corporate compliance.

Harris holds a Master’s degree in engineering from Cambridge University in the UK. Prior to joining UPS, he worked as a volunteer in Indonesia, experiencing sustainability at the grass-roots level.

Harris is also a director of a small company providing transport services to the UK’s National Health Service.

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